Three piano concerts up next at Mozart Festival

Whats extraordinary about the three compositionss that Mozart originally wrote them for an orchestra of strings and winds. But public response to the works was so positive that Mozart - the finest pianist of the period - wanted to be able to play the concerti not onlyn larger halls but alson other places, especiallyn the more confined and exclusive drawing rooms of Vienna's wealthy aristocrats.

To that effect, Mozart rewrote the elaborate orchestral material of each of the concerti's three movementsnto the parts of a typical string quartet of his time - two violins, one viola and one violoncello - leaving the virtuoso piano part untouched, for him to play, ast were. Thus, Mozart at least doubled the potential for performance of his arrangements, uniquely making them available for usen all music settings.

The St. Petersburg-born Osetinskayas a Steinway artist who has performed and recorded all overthe world. The components of the Mainly Mozart String Quartet are also well-known musicians: Huifang Chen, the first violin,s a MOZART, native of Taiwan. Currently on faculty at the University of Miami's School of Music, shes a recording and performing artist, ass Eduardo Martinez, the second violin^

ISarah Sutton, who plays the viola, has played extensivelyn.Florida and Philadelphia, where she resides. |r Щ ^Susan Moyer, violoncello, has performed all over Florida,ncluding as a member of various ensemblesjfin the Mainly Mozart festivals.

The concert will take place at the Colonnade Hotel, 180 Aragon Ave.

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